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PSiSC® a division of CSiSC® is proud to bring our customers and distributors top-quality products made from the most durable and eco-friendly materials on the market.

Our Mission: The right product delivered on time at a fair price with zero problems.

We manufacture everything you’ll need to complete projects for both locker rooms and commercial restrooms, including:

  • Toilet Partitions
  • Lockers and Locker Benches
  • Washroom Accessories
  • Partition and Locker Hardware

PSiSC® a division of CSiSC® is proud of the flexibility our products offer for the design of both locker rooms and commercial restrooms. Our customers and distributors can choose from different material types, color choices, mounting options, layouts, hardware selections, ADA-compliant materials, and more. We ensure you’ll be able to find exactly what you need for your project, all in one place.




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Why Choose PSiSC® a division of CSiSC®?

Whether you’re looking for a standard or custom high quality design, our team of highly experienced engineers and customer service representatives can make sure you get exactly what you need to get the job done.


Since our beginnings in 1980, we have been manufacturing the most durable toilet partitions, shower stalls and lockers on the market.

Customer Service

We’ve made it our mission to produce products that set the standard for functional design and incredible durability.


With the best warranties on the market, PSiSC a division of CSiSC guarantees your satisfaction for years to come.

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Interested in our products or have a general question about PSiSC® a division of CSiSC®? Email us. We’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s online or on the phone, we’re here to help.

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Better Products


Columbia Lockers are made from highly durable Phenolic, HDPE PolyLife, or Plastic Laminate. We manufacture athletic lockers, hospital lockers, school corridor lockers, and custom lockers.

Toilet Partitions

Columbia Partitions has been a leading manufacturer of toilet partitions since our founding in 1980. Our partitions are made from both Phenolic and HDPE Polylife. We were the first to use Phenolic.

Galaxy Hardware

Galaxy Hardware is a division of CSiSC. Galaxy provies the highest quality Stainless Steel and aluminum Hardware for the locker industry as well as the toilet partition industry.

Washroom Accessories

Columbia Accessories is a commercial line manufactured from the best materials.

Protection Shields

Columbia Shields are barriers that facilities can place between workout stations to interrupt and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other airborn viruses.

The Customer Service Team

Columbia Lockers

Matthew Orselli, Devin Kirby, Hampton Watts

Columbia Partitions

George Evans, Matthew Fenn, Jason Starling

Galaxy Hardware

William North, Elizabeth Thompson

National Accounts

Douglas Busbee, Kim Gartman, Brad Moore


Lem Harsh, Chris Smith, Jim Williams, Courtney Howden


Denise Williams, Brianna Brown

Customer Reviews

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Interested in our products or have a general question about PSiSC® a division of CSiSC®? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s online or on the phone, we’re here to help. If you’d like to request a quote on a project or product, feel free to message us.


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